Monday, May 27, 2013

Drink 202: The First Straw

Not actual size

It has been almost nine months since our last entry at TBIAW.  If rumors are true, that is just about enough time to grow and hatch a baby. When you put it into that kind of context, this entry will seem even more deficient than it would have otherwise.

We thought we were out of the blogging business, but we saw something recently that required us to jump back in, if only temporarily.  What was that thing? It was the Bud Light Lime STRAW-BER-RITA Margarita with a Twist. It seems almost impossible that it was less than a year ago that we discovered the Bud Light Lime LIME-A-RITA and now they have a strawberry version.

We had seen it once or twice before, but the other day we were at our local wine and beer emporium and that 24 ounce can was just sitting there in the cooler between the Bartles & Jaymes and the Four Loko asking to be purchased.  We bit the bullet and did so even with the knowledge that it would invite ridicule from the checkout boy. Which it did.

Thank goodness they had instructions right on the can. With pictures.

For the last two weeks that can has been staring us in the face every time we open the fridge but we resisted the temptation.  But seeing as today was Memorial Day, we could think of no greater to way to honor our fallen servicemen and servicewomen than to catch a buzz on some All American malt beverage with natural flavors, artificial sweetener and artificial color.  USA USA! (Ed note: The authors choose to willfully ignore the fact that Budweiser is owned by the Belgian/Brazilian InBev.)

The instructions worked!

Mrs. Bottle made the mistake of eating an actual strawberry before trying her Bud Light Lime STRAW-BER-RITA Margarita. As a result she thought it didn’t taste very strawberry-y. I thought it had a reasonable artificially sweetened artificial strawberry flavor, though.  Kind of like a Nehi that will get you plowed eventually.  After Mrs. Bottle cleansed her palate with some Tostitos, she agreed. And right now she is dancing in the kitchen singing Journey's "Who's Crying Now?" so the alcohol must work, too. 

Overall Rating for Bud Light Lime STRAW-BER-RITA

Taste: 3
Presentation: 3
Ease of Preparation: 5
Drinks Until Blackout: 5


Malt Beverage
Natural Flavors
Artificial Sweetener
Artificial Color
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