Romance Week 2011

There are plenty of places on the web where you can find lists of romantic cocktails, but there is only one place where you can find out which cocktails will lead to some real romance.  And by real romance, we mean physical love. And that place is here at The Bottle is a Wonderland.  Having been together for over 20 years, we are both experts at romance and remember physical love.

For the next seven days we will evaluate a supposedly romantic drink each day and let you know the real truth and log the results in one place.   This will be a perfect tool for the lazy romantic.

Tuesday, February 8: Between the Sheets - Probably not the first choice for Romance
Wednesday, February 9: French Martini  - A contender for best drink of the week
Thursday, February 10: Caribbean Romance - Another winner.  Just watch out for the side effects
Friday, February 11: Hot Kiss - This one rates a perfect 5.  Perfect to warm up a cold night
Saturday, February 12: Sex on the Beach - Not the best choice for wooing
Sunday, February 13: Death by Chocolate - This name is very misleading
Monday, February 14: Lover's Kiss - A so-so drink in a nice package

If you are going for romance, we recommend the French Martini.  It has style and taste.  For a nice drink on a cold night, go with the Hot Kiss.  If you are just looking to get hammered, then pound a few Between the Sheets shooters.
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