Monday, February 14, 2011

Day 39: A Delicacy of Jimmies Robed in Frothy Cream

Lover's Kiss Drink
This looks a lot like yesterday's but
this one isn't terrible
It is Valentine’s Day and it is also the seventh and final day of Romance Week.  Today’s drink is the Lover’s Kiss, a cordial made with amaretto, cherry brandy, crème de cocoa (dark), and cream. Before we launched this blog I didn’t know there was such a thing as crème de cocoa so I was doubly surprised to learn that there were two different kinds.  They are the Ebony and Ivory of liqueurs.  The dark one turned out to be much thicker than the white and it had a richer chocolate flavor.  I am still talking about crème de cocoa.

The Lover’s Kiss drink also features cherry brandy and we used Clear Creek Distillery's Kirschwasser. According to their web site it has a "feline delicacy of cherry flavor robed in manageable spirit that plays like a string quartet".  First off, I don't know what the hell that even means.  Secondly, if I saw "feline delicacy" on a menu, I would reconsider where I chose to eat.  Finally, my feline isn't that delicate, unless pooping on the floor counts as delicate.  Where I come from, we consider it indelicate.  Regardless, we tried the Kirschwasser  straight and did not think it had a feline delicacy.   It mostly tasted like burning.

After tasting the Kirschwasser we had low expectations for this drink, but we were pleasantly surprised.  It had a nice chocolate flavor with a hint of cherry.  I don't know if the cherry flavor came from the Kirschwasser or from excess juice from the cherry garnish but either way it was a nice touch.  The maraschino cherry symbolizes the bright red lips of your lover, if your lover is a harlot. For the second straight night, our drink was topped with the widely acknowledged two most romantic foods: whipped cream and chocolate jimmies. Serve it in a champagne flute and your partner will know you have class.

I didn't have an idea for a second photo
so here is a bunny with a pancake on its head
 Originally I was going to recap the Romance Week 2011 drinks but considering that we already have a list, that would be repetitive.  Then I thought I could give some last minute romance tips, but all I really know is that you should listen to your partner, show her that you are thinking about her, and don't be an ass.  When are an ass anyway, apologize.  There is probably better advice, but that's all I got.  Anyway, by the time Valentine’s Day rolls around I would imagine most people are tired of reading romance tips the same way I am tired of stories about how busy the day is for florists, the magical powers of chocolate, or 10 ideas for a romantic gift.  It is the same crap recycled year after year by lazy writers.

We promise not to use those tactics during Romance Week 2012.

Overall Rating for the Lover’s Kiss

Taste: 3
Presentation: 4
Ease of Preparation: 3 - It is hard to get whipped cream into a champagne flute
Drinks Until Blackout: 6 – 18% alcohol
Romance Score: 4


.5 oz Amaretto
.5 oz Cherry-flavored Brandy
.5 oz Crème de Cocoa (Brown)
1 oz cream

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