Monday, December 27, 2010

An Intro to Mrs. Bottle

I’m not really big on writing my thoughts and opinions out for everyone else to read. I barely do status updates on Facebook and I certainly don’t Tweet. But when Mr. Bottle suggested a blog about drinks, I figured I could overcome my trepidation and jot out my thoughts on one of my favorite pastimes. So to start out, I have several drinks that are part of my regular arsenal. Wine and beer are mainstays of course. But for liquor,
my main go-to beverage is the vodka tonic, specifically Grey Goose L’Orange w/diet tonic water (I’ve got to save some calories for all the partaking I do). My second favorite would have to be the classic margarita, on the rocks, no salt. I’m not a fan of that lime juice only stuff- way too tart for me so I’m a proponent of a tasty sour mix. I’d also have to say that I prefer a nice silver tequila in my ‘rita but when it really comes down to it, I’ll drink whatever is put in front of me. Except for those frozen ones- the ratio of water to alcohol is way too high. Anyway, I’m excited to try new drinks and maybe to learn to enjoy drinking other types of liquor that have previously made my face scrunch up like the Grinch’s before he grows that heart.

Mrs. Bottle

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