Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Day 2: Banzai!

Mrs. Bottle made a delicious stir-fry so we decided to stick with an Asian theme and make Kamikazes.   This is our first official Mr. Boston drink and we tried something pretty simple.  Just mix the  three ingredients, pour it in the glass, and pound it.  The most complicated aspect is that they recommend you serve it in a chilled shot glass.  You can chill a glass by leaving it in the freezer or by filling it with ice water.  Since we wanted to drink RIGHT NOW, we went with the ice water method.  

Kamikaze Drink
Blurry and Sour
Visually, it wasn’t that exciting. It looks a little like lemonade.  The Cheers shot glass purchased at the Bull & Finch pub was probably the presentation highlight.  Did you know that they changed the name of Bull & Finch to “Cheers Beacon Hill”?  I guess everybody didn’t know their name.

Taste-wise it was not the best drink we ever tried.  In fact, it was the worst of all the drinks chronicled in this blog so far. When Mrs. Bottle tried it she puckered up and couldn’t open her mouth for 30 seconds.  I had pretty much the same reaction. That thing was Sour with a capital S.   That was all you could taste.  Sour sour sour.  I might as well have sucked a lime. The kids today would probably like it, though, since they love that crap.   I will say that it didn’t stop me from finishing it off.   I am dedicated like that.

We did cheat a little on this one, however.  The recipe calls for lime juice and instead of using fresh squeezed we used that stuff that comes in a plastic lime.  I love that plastic lime.  It is so green and festive.  The drink probably wouldn't have tasted any less sour with the real stuff, but it might have tasted better.  Probably not.

The Culprit?
Ratings on a 10-point scale:

Taste: 4
Ease of Preparation: 7
Presentation: 5
Drinks until blackout: 7 – This one has 20% alcohol content,  but it is a pretty small drink.  Your mouth would pucker shut before you could blackout.

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Anonymous said...

Regarding the plastic lime - there's no comparison between that liquid and the juice from a real lime.

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