Monday, December 27, 2010

Just What We Needed

It’s hard to know how many blogs there are in existence today.  Most sources I could find claim there are over 100 million.  The last thing the world needs is another blog.  Since I’ve lived most of my life as an unproductive member of society I figure that starting a blog is a great way to continue that streak. 

I’ve started a couple of blogs in the past that were abandoned pretty quickly. This one probably will be, too.  The one thing that might keep it going is that this blog will be focused on my favorite leisure activity: drinking.

I rarely drink to excess, but I do drink with a high frequency.  My go-to drink is a gin and tonic.  It is simple and you can get it anywhere that sells alcohol.  It tastes pretty good and has a reasonable amount of manliness.  A Bombay Sapphire and Tonic really hits the spot under almost any circumstances.  A Tanquery Rangpur and Tonic is also tasty and it has less alcohol so I might enjoy an extra one during the evening.

I occasionally will drink something other than a G&T.  Margaritas, Captain & Coke Zero (have to watch my figure), and a John Daly also make the rotation.  I could be happy with those, but as I get older I would like to become a little more worldly.  One way to do this is to explore what other wonders are available in those beautiful bottles in the local liquor store.

One evening Mrs. Bottle and I were watching Julie & Julia and we thought we could blatantly steal the idea, but we would do it with a twist (get it?  Hilarious!).  We bought the Mr. Boston Platinum bar guide and we plan to have all 1,500 drinks inside.  We will make, drink, photograph, and rate them all.

We won’t necessarily go in order and we might have some special features, but that should give us 4+ years of drinks and a great head start on liver disease.


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