Monday, July 4, 2011

Drink 153: Drinkee Doodle Dandy

TBIAW is pretty US-centric, which makes sense since that’s where the Bottle Wonderland Estate is located.  It is not intended to be a slight in any way to other countries, though.  We love all countries and the people in those countries, although we are keeping a very close eye on you, Moldova.  Even with our pro-US stance, we still attract visitors from around the world, as you can see here:

Unfortunately this map does not show our
tremendous popularity in Antarctica

You can also see that we don’t get many readers from the southern hemisphere.  That’s because their Internet runs in the opposite direction and they have a hard time getting here. 

For those visitors from other lands who don’t already know, today is the 4th of July, also known here in the US as Independence Day. This is when we celebrate our country’s freedom by eating a lot of grilled meat, drinking delicious mass-produced American beer, and shooting off fireworks.  Coincidentally, that is also how we celebrate Memorial Day, Labor Day, and Black History Month.

To help celebrate we bring you today’s drink the 4th of July Tooter, a combination of grenadine (derived from the French word for pomegranate), vodka (from Russia), and blue Curaçao (named after a foreign country). On first glance, you might think those ingredients belong in some effete America hater’s cocktail, but if you reflect deeply on it (an American strength) you can clearly see that they represent the great melting pot of our nation.  If you can’t see that, you should go back to Canada where you belong.

The ingredients also just happen to be red, white, and blue, the colors of Old Glory.  The idea is to float the ingredients to make a red, white, and blue shooter. This is the same concept that worked so well for us when we made the Irish Flag that we were excited to try it again.  We were rewarded because it worked just as well this time.  The vodka didn’t float at all on the grenadine, and the Curaçao didn’t work much better.

Caution! The sparklers are flammable.
They are also made in Thailand
Luckily here in the US of A we are more concerned with substance than style so the taste is more important than the looks. And in the taste department, the 4th of July Tooter did well with a with a nice orange flavor, although it was a bit sweet.  The main issue is that it wasn’t chilled in any way which is a problem in the middle of summer.  The forecast today is calling for temperatures in the mid-nineties so something cold would be nicer.  In fact when we tested the drink we ended up using good old American ingenuity and we plopped an ice cube in it.  Not only did it chill the drink, the ice cube added a little white and made it an aesthetic victory as well. USA! USA!

Overall Rating for the 4th of July Tooter

Taste: 4
Presentation: 5 – It doesn’t matter if it didn’t work, it tried!
Ease of Preparation: 2 – Floats
Drinks Until Blackout: 6 – 22% Alcohol


1 oz Grenadine
1 oz Vodka
1 oz Blue Curaçao

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