Friday, April 1, 2011

April 1: A New Beginning

I recently came across an article that shook me to the core.  It was called Alcohol Is Bad For You.  Because I am a pretty busy guy, I didn’t read the story but I think I got the gist of the article from the headline: alcohol is bad for you.  As soon as I saw that, I showed it to Mrs. Bottle and let it sink in.  We almost immediately realized that our blog requires us to at least sip some alcohol on a regular basis.  If alcohol is bad for us then TBIAW must be negatively impacting our lives. It is undeniable that since we began TBIAW that our fitness level has gone down and our BAC level has gone up.  Until now I did not see any correlation but that headline provided everything I needed to piece it together.

Mrs. Bottle looks different in person
Img: Library of Congress/Getty Images

We had to make a change. The salad days had to be restored no matter what the costs.  The first step was to quit drinking immediately.  To remove any temptation, Mrs. Bottle took an axe to our bar Eliot Ness-style, leaving a pile of splintered wood, broken glass, flammable liquid, and shattered dreams all over the Bottle Wonderland Estate.  In retrospect, that idea wasn’t fully thought through. Nevertheless, it had to be done. We find the blogging therapeutic, though, so that would continue.  With our highly honed palates, we decided that we should stay in the realm of food and beverage.

This salt is making
me thirsy
We now present to you our new blog: The Bottle is a Wonderland.  It may have the same name as our old “bad for you” blog, but instead of reviewing Mr. Boston drinks we are going to review everyday kitchen spices.  We will help you separate the coriander from the cumin and the paprika from the parsley flakes.  Today’s spice is Sea Salt, a combination of sea water and evaporation. In the past we primarily used salt to rim a margarita glass or to lick off a body part before doing a shot of tequila but those days are sadly behind us.  Today we are just having some salt right from bottle. We chose to go with McCormick Sea Salt instead of our Diamond Crystal Kosher salt.  The main difference is that sea salt is from the sea and Kosher salt is Kosher.   After downing a heaping tablespoon of our sea salt I came to one conclusion: it is delicious.  The primary flavor is saltiness.  It was so good I had a second tablespoonful. Thank goodness salt isn’t bad for you like alcohol is.

This will be our first taste test

Overall Rating for Sea Salt

Taste: 5
Presentation: 5
Ease of Application: 3 – Had to twist the grinder thingy
Goes with: Everything


Sea Water

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