Sunday, April 3, 2011

Drink 83: Triangle Drink Hates Person Drink

Bermuda Triangle Cocktail
Part of this glass disappeared
into the Bermuda Triangle
I know that it was just yesterday when Mr. Bottle informed all eight of our readers that we’d be discontinuing the daily blog exercise. Yet here I am, blogging the very next day because these new rules don’t really apply to me since we all know that I only blog once a week. Maybe we’d still have daily commentaries if I had picked up the slack and Mr. Bottle didn’t have to do six out of seven each week. But I’m busy with other activities like sleeping, playing computer games, and surfing the web for various household décor.

So instead of searching for new ottomans for my living room, I will now share the story of the Bermuda Triangle. I think we are all familiar with the legend of the other Bermuda Triangle, which covers the area from Bermuda to Puerto Rico to the Straits of Florida. Allegedly, a large number of aircraft and ships have disappeared there over the years possibly due to a supernatural or alien element. Oddly, several folks have suggested these reports are exaggerated. While I don’t have enough time to explain why believers in the Bermuda Triangle are loco (remember those ottomans), what I can tell you about the Bermuda Triangle drink is that it consists of peach schnapps, spiced rum, and orange juice. We were hoping to taste the spiced rum, but it was such a small amount compared to the other two ingredients that essentially it was just like drinking a Fuzzy Navel. And since we haven’t reviewed that beverage yet, you’ll just have to wait for the link to the Fuzzy Navel entry for another time.

Aside from the drink having three ingredients and a triangle having three sides, I’m not really sure the reason for the name. Maybe there are a lot of peaches and oranges in that area of the ocean. Maybe the spiced rum taste mysteriously disappeared. What I do know is that the most mysterious thing about the Bermuda Triangle drink was how it suddenly disappeared when I turned my back for just a few brief minutes. Mr. Bottle continues to claim no knowledge of its whereabouts but I have my suspicions…
We found a clue as to the name of the drink!

Overall Rating for the Bermuda Triangle

Taste: 4
Presentation: 4
Ease of Preparation: 4
Drinks Until Blackout: 13 – 7% Alcohol


1 oz Peach Schnapps
½ oz Spiced Rum
3 oz Orange Juice

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