Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Drink 109: When Putsch Comes To Shove

Moon Shake Quake Cocktail
Hipster Hipster Shake
 Today we feature the triumphant return of Mr. Bottle after a three-day absence.   During this time, Mrs. Bottle tried to claim I was idly shaking my iPad while she selflessly picked up the slack, but that was terrible propaganda.  In reality, she had staged a bloodless coup of TBIAW.   I think she may have been inspired by the Arab Spring.  Either that or she saw some hipster doofus with a Che t-shirt on and it prompted her to act.  No matter how the seeds of change were planted, the end result was revolution.

Even though she temporarily assumed full control of our blog, she did not realize I had been secretly marshalling my resources, namely Bottle Wonderland Cat.  Today, we unleashed hell.  Our plot was successful and we hereby proclaim the revolution suppressed.  Our main tactic was writing the blog while she was still at work.  Although we have the power, we remain ever vigilant.  Bottle Wonderland cat plans to wake me up several times during the night just to be safe.  This is important because we hear that Mrs. Bottle is trying to foment discontent via social media and by shouting out the window at our neighbors.

Was this the inspiration?
It could have been that hairy chest
Unfortunately, wresting control away from Mrs. Bottle has exhausted me and it didn’t leave me much energy to review today’s drink, the Moon Quake Shake.  The Moon Quake Shake is a mix of coffee brandy, dark rum, and lemon juice.  This is one of the more unusual drinks we’ve tried so far.  It pretty much tasted like coffee with lemon, which is not a normal combination.  I like tea with lemon and water with lemon, but I’m not sure about coffee with lemon.  Neither Mrs. Bottle nor I could decide whether we liked this drink or not, but I did drink the whole thing.  I just hope Mrs. Bottle didn't spike it with any sleiopaetsdjfdflzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Overall Rating for the Moon Quake Shake

Taste: 3  - Mostly because we couldn't tell if it was good or bad
Presentation: 2
Ease of Preparation: 4
Drinks Until Blackout: 4 – 28% Alcohol

1.5 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Coffee-Flavored Brandy
1 tbsp Lemon Juice

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