Thursday, May 26, 2011

It Is An Honor Just To Be Nominated

We are very excited today to announce that we are the Foodista Featured Drink Blog of the Day for May 26, 2011.  This is the highest honor a web site can get.  They only award it to 365 drink related blogs per year.  If you add their featured Food Blog of the Day, TBIAW is one of only 730 featured Foodista blogs for 2011.  I’m just glad we got featured this year instead of next year, when instead of being one of the elite few, we would have been one of the masses of 732 featured blogs.

In all seriousness, we are pretty pumped about it and expect to get a lot more traffic today than we typically get.  I anticipate the effect on Blogger’s servers will be similar to that of Lady Gaga’s on Amazon.  If you have been with us since the beginning, you can probably stop reading now and think about how you knew us before we got famous. The rest of this post will mostly be pimping ourselves with an orgy of self-links (linksturbation?) since there will be a lot of new visitors today.

We, too, are Golden Gods now
If you want to see the genesis of TBIAW I suggest you start here. Since that fateful day, we have reviewed 122 drinks from the Mr. Boston guide. Because you will probably not want to go back and read all the reviews, let me highlight a few. Our most popular post prior to today is our entry into the Stove Top stuffing “unpotatofest” contest.  I am very surprised we didn’t win with our carefully crafted submission.  We also got a lot of hits on our parody of Friday by Rebecca Black, although that was due more to inexplicably being the top search result for “We So Excited” on than to the quality of our song.  Our recent post on the rapture was probably better before you got sick of reading about the rapture. If you’d like to read Mrs. Bottle’s take on a drink, you might want to try this one where she tries to blame me for something that is clearly her fault.  Finally, for whatever reason, Mrs. Bottle found this one informative.

In addition to the drink reviews, we’ve also done a few posts where we evaluate restaurant drinks, although it has been a while since we’ve done that due to a self-imposed austerity program and laziness. We’ve also done some taste tests, but my favorite is when we tested light beer.  You know, this is getting tiresome. You should probably just read all the posts (in order) and then you’ll eventually be back here.  We’ll wait.

Four delicious light beers ready for tasting
This whole Foodista featured blog of the day is a genius idea if you think about it.  They feature a blog each day and in return the blog will talk about Foodista and maybe even post a badge on the site that permanently links back to them.  This will generate more traffic for Foodista in the long run.  The joke is on them, though, since our blog is only read by a few of our friends.  I think I will steal the idea, though, and feature a few hidden gem web sites you may not know about.  Hopefully, those sites will post our badge and talk about us and lead people here.

This picture could be viewed as analogous to our concept
For our first ever “The Bottle is a Wonderland Featured Web Site of the Day” we present an up-and-coming web site called The Facebook.  It is a site that lets you list your interests and personal information where it can be mined so they make money and keep up with your friends.  It is sort of like Geocities, but I think it has more potential. I haven’t had time to create a badge though.  I hope that doesn’t keep them from talking us up.  The ball is in their court.

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Kimo said...

Congrats on being named Foodista's Featured Drink Blog of the Day! That's quite an honor, though I wonder if the gratitude you've expressed is perilously close to biting the blog that feeds you ;-)

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