Friday, May 6, 2011

Drink 111: Another Brick in the Wallbanger

Harvey Wallbanger Cocktail
These orange drinks
are making me angry
Today we have the Harvey Wallbanger. It is one of the rare drinks that can be traced to its origins.  In this case, it was invented in by Duke Antone sometime in the 1950's.  This is a big deal, since Antone also invented several other famous drinks including the Rusty Nail and the White Russian. According to Wikipedia, Antone was a three time world champion mixologist [citation needed].  That is quite an accomplishment, I think.  I'm not clear on how they choose the world champion mixologist, but I'm sure it is hotly contested. It is unclear if the Harvey Wallbanger was ever a drink that contributed to one of his championships. It seems unlikely that it could lead to such a prestigious title since the only ingredients are  vodka, orange juice, and Galliano.   It seems like adding Galliano to a Screwdriver isn't really that much of a breakthrough.  The Wallbanger has endured though, making it the most successful subtle twist on an existing classic since this.

The twist was subtle indeed as the drink pretty much tasted like a screwdriver.  There was  the slightest hint of licorice-like Galliano, but that hint worked pretty well in my opinion.  Mrs. Bottle is less tolerant of Galliano so she didn't care for it as much.  She did drink most of it though, so it couldn't have been entirely unpleasant for her.  Although she does have a knack for putting up with things that are unpleasant.

Finally it must be noted that a bit of the Galliano was spilled before it made it into the drink, which may have affected the overall taste.  Mrs. Bottle claims the spillage was unintentional, but given her feelings towards it I remain unconvinced.  I will be keeping a close eye on her the next time she uses Galliano.  Wasting Galliano makes baby FSM cry, mostly because it is so expensive.

Overall Rating for the Harvey Wallbanger

Taste: 3
Presentation: 2
Ease of Preparation: 5
Drinks Until Blackout: 10 – 10% Alcohol


1 oz Vodka
.5 oz Galliano
4 oz Orange Juice

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