Sunday, January 23, 2011

Enso Many Words

Does this picture look weird to you?

Even though there is no demand for it, we bring back our semi-regular TBIAW feature where we ignore our premise of making a Mr. Boston drink each day and instead review a drink from a local establishment.  This time we went to Enso, a relatively new Asian restaurant located in downtown Uptown Charlotte, NC.

What prompted this rare journey to a restaurant located more than 5 miles from the Bottle Wonderland Estate?  Charlotte Restaurant Week, also known as Queen’s Feast.  This is where a bunch of restaurants offer three course meals for a fixed price of $30. You have to be careful when selecting your restaurant, though, because in some places you really aren’t getting any kind of a deal for $30.  Since we went to Enso during last year’s Queen’s Feast we knew what we were getting into.  Plus it was fun to reunite with all the other cheapskates who only dine out once a year.

Mrs. Bottle ordered wine with her meal, but I took one for the team and ordered a cocktail.  I tried the Pear Lychee Martini, a mixture of Grey Goose La Poire, lychee juice, and sour mix.  When I ordered it, I pronounced lychee as “lie-chee”, but when the waiter repeated the order he pronounced it “lee-chee”.   Stupid smug waiter.  I’m not even sure his is the correct pronunciation.   I think when paying $14 for a drink, the waiter should just go with whatever I said. 

Hard to drink
$14 for a drink is kind of ridiculous in my opinion, but the Pear Lychee Martini was almost worth it because it was delicious.  Delicious that is, if you like pears.  It was like drinking a pear in a glass.  Other than the price, the only other complaint I can make is that ordering this drink isn’t very manly.  I love to drink girlie drinks, but I have trouble ordering them. The martini glass is a bit of a problem.  Your pinky almost reflexively points out when using one.  That’s not manly.  Solution: Serve the drinks in mason jars. Tougher sounding names would really help, too.  I have trouble ordering a Flirtini, but I would have less trouble ordering a Monster Truck or a Laser Shark.  I ran this idea past Mrs. Bottle and she suggested that Sasquatch Scrotum would be a good name. 

I don’t think I would feel too manly ordering that.

Note: The "Pear in a Glass" image comes from the blog of artist Jeffrey Hayes

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