Sunday, January 9, 2011

Day 6: We Saw A Puddy Tat

A little over a week ago, Mrs. Bottle and I had to say goodbye to our cat after over 14 years.  It was a very difficult decision and we are both still grieving.  To try to ease our loss, we decided to have a pseudo Irish wake and think about all of our good memories of him.

Since an Irish wake includes drinking and we are both sticklers for protocol, we had to have a drink (or two) while we reminisced.  In our cat’s honor we decided that our drink would be the Pink Pussy Cat, a mixture of vodka, pineapple juice, and grenadine. 

Pink Pussy Cat Drink
As I sipped the drink I could smell the pineapple juice but I tasted mostly vodka.  Mrs. Bottle felt there was a strong pineapple flavor and pointed out that vodka mixes so well because it doesn’t really have much flavor.  I then asked her why, if vodka has no flavor, we bought expensive vodkas like Grey Goose instead of cheaper alternatives.  “Only Grey Goose doesn’t have much flavor, the other ones taste bad” she explained.  It was now becoming as clear to me as a top-shelf vodka.

On the Grey Goose web site, they claim that their original does have some flavor including a finish that is “long lasting and satisfying with flavors reminiscent of a fine almond paste.”  I know that nothing gets my mouth watering like a fine almond paste.  Yum! I’m getting hungry just writing about it. Do you know what else has a finish like a fine almond paste?  Cyanide. 

 Mrs. Bottle was also excited when I pointed out that the pink hue of the drink matched her sweater.  This set her mind racing with other ways she could accessorize her clothes with drinks. Or would that be accessorizing her drinks with her clothes?  Either way, she is now really looking forward to wearing a green top and enjoying a crème de menthe frappe at some point down the road.

With a name like Pink Pussy Cat and its fabulous pink hue, this probably isn’t a drink I would order at the local pub.  In the privacy of my own home, however, I would definitely drink it again.  But only if I can wear something pink.

Ratings on a 10-point scale:

Taste: 8
Ease of Preparation: 9
Presentation: 7 if you are a woman, 1 if you are a man
Drinks until blackout: 10 – At only 10% alcohol content it would take a lot of these.

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Kimo said...

I'll be sure to buy only top shelf cyanide in the future.

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