Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Day 21: You Can Be My Cowgirl

Giddy Up! It’s Day 4 of the Week of Cream and we are trying the Cowboy Cocktail, a mix of bourbon and cream.  We haven’t had much luck with whisky-based drinks up to this point, but I had high hopes for the Cowboy Cocktail and I wasn’t disappointed. The cream really complimented the smoky malt flavor of the Maker’s Mark.  It was so good that I threw out all my gin and I am starting a campaign to make whisky a required part of the food pyramid.

Cowboy Cocktail
How Now Brown Cowboy

I wrote that last paragraph before we tried the Cowboy Cocktail. I was trying to use the power of positive blogging, but it didn’t work.  We didn’t really like the Cowboy Cocktail, but I think we made some progress because we didn’t hate it.  Actually that’s not quite true.  Mrs. Bottle hated it, but I only found it mildly unpleasant.   I think using Maker’s Mark instead of Wild Turkey may have helped.  It seemed smoother, but maybe I got suckered in by the lovely red wax-dipped bottle. Regardless, the bourbon actually went pretty well with the cream.  You definitely tasted whisky, though.  I could see a real whisky drinker finding this pretty enjoyable.

As for the name, we couldn’t find out why this drink was called the Cowboy Cocktail, so we were forced to speculate.  Is it because cream comes from cows and cowboys love whisky?  A lot of cocktails are invented by the liquor companies to sell more product.  Maybe the Dairy Council ginned up this one in order to sell more cream?  Perhaps two cowboys were sitting around the campfire one night discussing the real danger of osteoporosis and realized that by mixing cream and bourbon that they could both relax and get much needed calcium.  They could then make sweet love in a tent.  That seems like the most likely scenario.

"Your Bones Seem Brittle"

Anyhow, After Mrs. Bottle had moved on to wine, I thought I could make the Cowboy Cocktail more palatable to me by adding one more ingredient.  My first thought was to add the juice from a Polish sausage and call it a Family Tradition.  I didn’t have a Polish sausage handy, though.  My second thought was to add maple syrup. It turns out that is actually a real drink called the Kicking Cow.  I mixed in a little syrup and it was actually pretty good. I suggested to Mrs. Bottle that maybe I could learn to like whisky.

She said, “Sure, just add maple syrup to everything”.  Sounds like a good idea to me.

Overall Rating for the Cowboy Cocktail

Taste: 2 (3 if you add maple syrup)
Ease of Preparation: 4
Presentation: 3 – Pedestrian
Drinks until blackout: 4 – 34% Alcohol.


1.5 oz. Bourbon
.5 oz. Light Cream

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Kimo said...

Bourbon, cream and the juice squeezed out of a Polish sausage, you're a chip off the old block!

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