Friday, January 7, 2011

Day 5: Better than Rice-a-Roni

After the Scottish Guard left us a bit wanting, we searched our Mr. Boston guide for something that sounded like it might actually taste good.  It also had to be something we could make with ingredients we already had since neither of us wanted to make a run to the store. Mrs. Bottle found the Cable Car and there were no tickets required. 

Nice Outfits!
According to our guide, the Cable Car is a mix of spiced rum, triple sec, and lemon juice.  According to the guy who invented the drink for a San Francisco hotel, our recipe is wrong.  Since this blog is about Mr. Boston, we stuck with the wrong recipe.  We are sticklers for the rules when the rules suit us.  When the rules get in the way, we ignore them.

Since we have both Captain Morgan Original and Captain Morgan Silver we had to decide which one to use.  “Use the real one” said Mrs. Bottle.  I said I wasn’t sure what made the Silver version any less real than the Original version and she gave me a look that told me to just grab the Original and get mixing.  While I mixed, Mrs. Bottle whipped up some cinnamon sugar (1 Tbsp sugar to 1 Tsp cinnamon) and rimmed the chilled glass (naughty!). I learned afterwards that superfine sugar would have led to a more thorough rim job.  It still resulted in glass coated in sugary goodness.

Cable Car Drink
Sprinkled with Cinnamon

I love almost anything with Captain Morgan in it and this drink was no exception.  The vanilla flavor of the rum really meshed well with the lemon juice, sugar, and cinnamon.  When tipping the glass for a sip, you got a nice cinnamon aroma which made for an altogether delightful drink experience.  Mrs. Bottle was concerned that the sweetness would prevent her from a Cable Car binge, but I found that it is the real San Francisco treat.

Taste: 8
Ease of preparation: 5 – A little extra work for the rimmed glass
Presentation: 9 – Might have made it to a 10 if we hadn’t ignored the twist of lemon peel that was called for
Drinks until blackout: 5 – 26% alcohol in a delicious package could sneak up on you

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