Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Day 3: Tequonic

It’s Tequila Tuesday!  We decided to try a drink called a Tequonic.  This isn’t to be confused with the Teutonic people of ancient Germany or plate tectonics.

Teutons. I think they are warring over tequila.
After the teutonic, tectonic, tequonic confusion cleared, we clarified that it is a combination of tequila, fruit juice, and tonic.  You just pour the ingredients over ice in an old fashioned glass.  The ingredients are somewhat like my favorite drink of a gin and tonic and Mrs. Bottle’s favorite drink of a vodka tonic so we both had high hopes. On the other hand, the fruit juice is lemon or lime so we were a little concerned over a kamikaze sour-fest repeat.  We decided to go with lemon juice, but we still used the juice in the little plastic bottle instead of fresh squeezed. Someday we will squeeze a lemon.

Tequonic Drink
T is for Tequonic
In order to give the drink the greatest chance of success, we used our favorite tequila, Don Julio Blanco.  It is super smooth and a pleasure to drink.  We first tried it on a trip to Mexico last year.  Of the many tequilas we sampled, this was the best.  We usually just have it straight but decided to mix it in the name of science.

This drink was a little tart but pretty tasty. It reminded me of a traditional margarita more than anything else. Mrs. Bottle made a sour face when she tasted it but then declared “I could drink that!” I could definitely drink that, too, and I did.   I planned to drink that a second time with lime juice for a comparison but after I had the first one I could definitely feel it. I decided to stop at one so I could actually write this entry.  Maybe next time.

Ratings on a 10-point scale:

Taste: 6.5 (Mrs. Bottle gave it a 5, but I gave it an 8)
Ease of preparation: 8
Presentation: 5
Drinks until blackout: 5 This comes in at 16% alcohol but is a decent size.  I could feel it after one so a few of these could get ugly.

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