Friday, January 14, 2011

Day 11: Peppermint Catty

My cat likes to smell my breath.  After I’ve eaten, she will get all up in my grill and start sniffing intently.  If I open my mouth she will practically stick her whole head in there.  It is kind of funny unless she hits my lip with her gross wet nose.  Who knows the last place that thing was?

Peppermint Iceberg Drink

Right after we had the Peppermint Iceberg, she tried this routine.  As she approached, I opened wide and she immediately recoiled.  I’m sure others have recoiled after smelling my breath, but this time it was different.  You see, the cat hates mint and this drink packs a lot of it. In fact, that is all it is:  Peppermint schnapps on the rocks with a peppermint stick as a stirrer.

We keep a wide variety of flavored sticks
The primary factor in whether you like this drink is if you like mint.  The second factor is the quality of the schnapps.  We used DeKuyper.  I  think DeKuyper is fine but I’m not sure it is really the greatest quality in the world. It does seem to be the most ubiquitous (thank you spell check!).   I tried to see if there is a “top shelf” peppermint schnapps but I didn’t find one.   It does turn out that you can make your own but it looks like a lot of work.  Plus, the recipe takes 45 days to complete.  That is way beyond my attention span. If someone sends me a YouTube video longer than 45 seconds I won’t even watch it.  I will send them back an e-mail telling them how great it was, though.

Other than the mint, the key characteristic of the Peppermint Iceberg is that it is cold. Don’t try this drink if you already have a chill or you might get hypothermia.  You might not care though since you will have fresh breath.  Oh my gosh, I just realized that it is probably called the Peppermint Iceberg because peppermint is minty and icebergs are cold!  Too bad they didn’t take into account that most of the ice in our glass was above the surface. Totally not like an iceberg at all.  Ha!

Ratings on a 10-point scale:

Taste: 7
Ease of Preparation: 9 – Would be a 10, but you might have trouble with the peppermint stick
Presentation: 7
Drinks until blackout: 4 – The drink is all schnapps and comes in at 30% alcohol


Blah Blah Blahgger said...

I like how you had a typo in a sentence referring to spell check. ;-)

Bottle Wonderland said...

I don't know what you are talking about.

Blah Blah Blahgger said...

Yeah, but you were glad to have a comment, weren't you?

Bottle Wonderland said...

It is true. I need comments and likes to validate me.

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