Monday, January 10, 2011

Day 7: Got 99 Bananas but a Chimp Ain't One

Banana Bomber Drink
Is that a banana question mark?
Mr. Bottle is busy today and since it’s snowing like nuts and I have nothing better to do, I volunteered to describe our most recent drinking experience. For "Shooter Sunday" we tried the Banana Bomber. It's a concoction made with 99 Bananas, triple sec and grenadine. It was another gorgeous, pink drink that goes well with so many pastel colored sweaters and shirts. Perfect for the stylish female.

For those of you who don’t know, 99 Bananas is banana flavored schnapps that is 99 proof. And because I’d like to think this blog is educational and not just an excuse for drinking each day, I’m going to explain the difference between schnapps and liqueur. A lot of folks think they’re the same but that’s where they’re wrong. Technically, liqueurs are flavored with fruit, herbs, nuts, cream, etc. and are bottled with added sugar so they’re normally pretty sweet. Schnapps originated in Germany and is a distilled beverage typically much stronger, about 64 proof. To make it even more confusing, because we Americans like to sweeten things up, adding even more calories, American schnapps are actually liqueurs due to all the sugar added. Ultimately, who really cares as long as it’s tasty, right?

Back to the drink. In my opinion, this one pretty much sucked except for its pretty color. 99 proof of anything tastes like a ton of alcohol so it burned a little going down, but with some banana after-taste. There was no real flavor of the triple sec and Mr. Bottle thought it was just super sweet and syrupy and that it might be better if it was poured on ice cream. After drinking several sips, I told him that I was done. I’m not sure how he did it, but he somehow got the rest down. The wrinkles around the eyes seemed accentuated during the grimaces, but no alcohol will be wasted in our household!

Pink Syrup
Rating on a 10 point scale:
Taste: 3
Ease of Preparation: 8
Presentation: 6
Drinks until blackout: 6 - A strong 35% alcohol content shines through.

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