Monday, March 7, 2011

Day 58: Turn Your Head and Coffee Twice

Boston Caribbean Cocktail
Not sure what is "Boston" or
"Caribbean" about this
In the process of each day’s post we usually do some research in an attempt to find interesting tidbits about the current drink.  At some point we will actually find one.  Until then we will continue to share whatever dreck we dig up.  On the hunt for our latest drink the Boston Caribbean we discovered the Cocktail Jen blog.  In addition to having a cool name, Cocktail Jen is “an amateur mixologist working her way through Mr. Boston, one drink at a time.”

That makes today the most tragic day in The Bottle is a Wonderland history. And no, it is not because we had to drink Coors Light, although that didn’t help.  It is because we are even more derivative than we thought.  We never pretended that the concept behind TBIAW was original. In fact, we said in our very first post that we blatantly stole the idea from Julie & Julia.  But to find another blog with the exact same premise was a real stomach punch. This must be how Marconi felt when he discovered that Tesla had already invented radio. I have no idea how Tesla feels about Mr. Big, though.

Damn you Cocktail Jen!
How did this happen?  We actually looked for a blog with this premise before we began but didn’t find one.  I guess we didn’t look hard enough because one certainly exists. Cocktail Jen’s approach is a little different than ours at least. She planned on doing each section alphabetically starting with rum.  She also posted relatively sporadically, at one point going more than six months between posts.   That might have been due to the great rum shortage of 2007.  The best I can tell is that she didn’t even make it through the rum section much less the entire guide.  She probably had a life that prevented her from finishing.  Luckily for me I have no such distractions.

Since Cocktail Jen (the blog, not the person) appears to be dead, the best way to honor it is to forge ahead in our own effort and review the Boston Caribbean.  It is coffee, crème de cocoa (dark), and dark rum.   Like Cocktail Jen, we both enjoyed the Boston Caribbean.  Mrs. Bottle thought it had a strong rum flavor, but I mostly tasted coffee.  There was ample sweetness because I normally don’t like coffee without a fair amount of sugar and this was definitely drinkable.  I’m guessing that the whipped cream had a lot to do with it but Cocktail Jen thinks it was the crème de cocoa.  Also like Cocktail Jen, our cinnamon stick sank to the bottom of the glass before I could get a picture.

Unlike Cocktail Jen, we will have another post for you tomorrow.

Overall Rating for the Boston Caribbean

Taste: 4
Presentation: 5
Ease of Preparation: 2
Drinks Until Blackout: 10 –  9% alcohol


1 oz Dark Rum
1 oz Crème de Cocoa (Dark)
Hot Coffee

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