Sunday, March 13, 2011

Day 63: Our Slip Is Showing

Today’s drink is the Banana Slip and Mrs. Bottle is here to provide my insightful take. It’s a shooter that consists of 1.5 ounces each of Crème de Banana and Irish cream liqueur. A 3 ounce shooter??? Isn’t that rather large for a beverage you’re supposed to down in one gulp? Considering I have trouble getting a normal shot of 1.5 ounces down, I’m going with “yes”.

The Banana Slip is hearted by Irish Monkeys
My favorite part of this drink is that I was finally able to make a proper float, adding the Irish cream on top of the Crème de Banana. All of the recipes I found online said to “pour carefully” so that’s what I did. I felt truly triumphant afterwards. I could hear the trumpets blaring at the greatness of the float I had achieved. I carried it ever so carefully to our picture taking area, then carried it ever so carefully back to the Bottle Wonderland Estate Kitchen. Then I tried to drink it and all I got was a mouthful of Bailey’s (yummy!). Mr. Bottle followed suit with the same results. Apparently you need a cement mixer to combine this thing because there was still a solid float going on, albeit much less of one. I whipped out the stir stick to combine the ingredients and then we tasted away. A slight burning alcohol and banana taste with a lot of Bailey’s flavor so not a fan favorite in this household. Maybe a human sized shooter would have allowed a better combo of flavors.

Future Vintage Bottle
So then I pondered the Crème de Banana ingredient. After vast searching on the Internet I learned that along with alcoholic beverages, it can be used as a syrup on frozen desserts or in some baked dishes to add a massive boost of banana flavor. We purchased Hiram Walker’s version, so I thought I’d see what they could add. Another great website with the obligatory date of birth entry page. Only 2 characters provided for the year though, so what if a 10 year old was trying to explore the world of schnapps and liqueurs?? They just assume the kid was born in 1901? That seems irresponsible.

Next I discovered a helpful part of Hiram Walker’s website: the FAQ. “I recently purchased a Hiram Walker product and don’t know how to use it. Can you help?” Seriously? You don’t know why you bought this high quality product? “Are there sugars in Hiram Walker products?” Ok, have you ever tasted a schnapps or liqueur? “How much are my vintage bottles worth?” They are still asking questions about Hiram Walker products right? But then this flies in the face of another question: “How long is Hiram Walker’s shelf life?” An actual question I can’t mock. Apparently 2 years if unopened and 6 months if opened.

Wait a minute… Maybe the shelf life explains why the shooter is 3 ounces. So drink up! And fast!

Overall Rating for the Banana Slip

Taste: 3
Presentation: 5 - Until you want to taste the combination of flavors
Ease of Preparation: 3 - would have been a 2 if it was harder to do that float thing
Drinks Until Blackout: 7 – 17% Alcohol


1.5 oz Crème de Banana
1.5 oz Irish Cream Liqueur

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