Saturday, June 4, 2011

Drink 131: Mademoiselle, Your Roots are Showing

Parisian Blonde Cocktail
Dirty Blonde

Oui, it is moi, Madame Bottle, here to discuss today’s drink. Monsieur Bottle needed some nap time so I stepped up to the keyboard and am pinch blogging on this beautiful Saturday. A day when I could be outside soaking up some rays, playing my computer games, or napping myself. I’m that selfless. But not selfless enough to write an epic blog. This will be a shorty.

Today’s drink is a shooter called the Parisian Blonde. It consists of equal parts light rum, Jamaican rum, and triple sec. So shouldn’t this be the Kingston Blonde or the Montego Bay Blonde? I’m tres stumped. What also confuses me is why it’s called a blonde. Doesn’t that indicate it would be a light golden color? As a natural blonde myself, I happen to be familiar with this look coupled with a few (possibly artificial) highlights. Monsieur Bottle even mentioned his luscious golden locks that he had when he was young before it turned brown and all fell out he shaved it all off. One more thing that troubles me about this drink is what I found during my Google search. It appears that the Parisian Blonde is actually a drink that many folks made with heavy cream instead of Jamaican rum. At least with the cream I get why it would be a blonde. I’m not sure where Monsieur Boston developed this recipe but I really question the accuracy.

This Berlin Blonde also has some color issues
I guess the most important thing about this drink is the taste. Sacre bleu! It was mighty potent so I was glad it was just a shooter. The flavor wasn’t too bad though, but it really just tasted like liquor with a tiny bit of orange flavor from the triple sec. I think that cream version sounded better. Maybe for the next cream week, after I get a coupon.

Overall Rating for the Parisian Blonde

Taste: 3
Presentation: 3 – Dirty blonde at best
Ease of Preparation: 5
Drinks Until Blackout: 3 – 35% Alcohol


¾ oz Light Rum
¾ oz Triple Sec
¾ oz Jamaican Rum

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