Saturday, June 11, 2011

Drink 138: Leaping Tall Blogdings in a Single Bound

Congratulations!  You are reading the 23,460th most influential blog in the blogosphere.  That is, if you believe in the authority rankings at  This puts us squarely in 98th percentile of all blogs!  Except for those blogs which have never registered with Technorati.  That turns out to be a lot of blogs.  I did a thorough check of  blogs I read and none of the two of them were there.  Of course they were the blogs of my brother and sister-in-law so maybe they just didn’t know about Technorati.  I then looked for The Everywhereist (one of Time Magazine’s best blogs of 2011) and it wasn’t there either.  This probably means that TBIAW is in reality no higher than the 23,463rd most influential blog on the blogosphere.  I’m hoping that one of the ranking criteria is the number of times you write a variation of “blog” in a blog entry. Blog.

Of course, this assumes a Normal distribution of blogs
Even if their rankings don’t include everyone, I am setting my sites on their #1 rated blog, The Huffington Post.  AOL recently bought them for $315 million.  We are doing okay here, but if someone offered $315 million to buy TBIAW we would certainly give it proper consideration.  Since it might take a while to get to #1, we will start by trying to move up to 22,208.  This only requires our score to go up one point (of course, our score recently fell a point.  I think we may have peaked with our Foodista mention).  If we can get that point back, we will be tied with such notable blogs as Apitherapy News (bees!) and What I Ate For Lunch And Why (self explanatory).  Coincidentally, one of the names we kicked around for TBIAW was “What I Drank To Numb The Pain And Why” but decided to go with something more whimsical.  We are also testing the theory that parenthetical asides improve our authority ranking (probably not).

Notice the artful use of shadow and light
This is the stuff that gets you into the
twenty-three thousands
Even though there is nothing in the world we want more than an iPhone 5 a higher Technorati ranking, we aren’t going to resort to gimmicks like nudity or interesting content.  We are going to get there by doing what we know how to do best.  And that thing is drinking.  Today we have the Leap Frog Highball, a combination of gin, ginger ale, and lemon juice.  It is starting to seem like the combination of gin and ginger ale/beer is a recurring theme, but that isn’t a bad thing.  The combination works well.  The Leap Frog Highball had a pronounced tartness from the lemon juice but the ginger ale and sweet delicious gin balanced it out.  It also scores points for having “highball” right in the name, thereby eliminating any possible confusion about the proper glassware.  Hopefully it will let us Leap Frog right over our competition. You better watch your back, Baptist Standard!

Overall Rating for the Leap Frog Highball

Taste: 4
Presentation: 3
Ease of Preparation: 5
Drinks Until Blackout: 8 – 13% Alcohol


2 oz Gin
1 oz Lemon Juice
Ginger Ale

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