Friday, June 24, 2011


We do not have a review for today.  Mrs. Bottle was out last night with her "friends" having a "happy hour" so we didn't have "time" to do a "drink".

I tried to do something productive, though, so I updated the All Drinks, the Top Drinks, and the Bottom Drinks lists.  I’m sure most of our readers keep up every day with TBIAW so they never consult those pages.

Before we conclude our brief intermission, we leave you with one last note, a correction if you will.  Mrs. Bottle has been quite upset that the blog has said she was "pwnd" the last two days.  She would like the record to reflect that she was not pwnd.  So let the record reflect that I considered her position and I am leaving things as-is.  Pwnd again!

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MicHokie said...

Mr. Bottle is a butt.

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